RAW files with Photoshop Camera RAW 7

We were lucky ones, who could participate in pretty cool workshop about Photoshop Camera RAW 7 leaded by Javier Diaz (more here)

Our association: CSI Legio Photos prepared really nice introduction to use of this program. For me it was first time to see great possibilities of it. The time passed fast while we were watching miracles which you can do with it.

If I will find time and practice what we have learnt, maybe I will prepare larger post about it.

Hopefully workshop will have continuation!


Small success!

We proudly announce that our picture won the podium in “every week homework” from Legio Photos VII. Now is our turn to propose the subject of next homework. YAY!

Small success, but a lot of happiness. And great shot of motivation!

Thank you!

Here and here you can see our winning pictures.


And on Wednesday we will participate in small Photoshop workshop organised by Photography group. Expecting the best:D




Legio Photos VII

It took us a moment, but we manage to figure out couple of photography clubs and associations in Leon. We did our selection and we decided to join to “Legio Photos VII“. We went for a meeting and we liked it. First- meetings are in very nice place called Cafe San Isidoro. Second- there is a lot of nice people there. Third- all of them really like photography and enjoy taking pictures.

Lets see how it will be, but I have feeling that it will be great!