Photo Legio Walk 9.12.2012

Photo Legio Walk 9.12.2012


I have to say that way this Association is working keeps on amazing me. It is not full 2 months since we joined them and we already did so many things! And more is coming.

On Sunday, we had our first real Photo Walk. We gathered all together and had 2 hours walk through Leon’s Old City , during which we were taking pictures. The weather was cold and variable. We managed to take some good shots. For us it was quite interesting, since we live almost in the middle of area of our walk. We had to review all ideas we already had for taking pictures.

Now we are submitting pictures to the group pool hoping to win the contest for picture of the month:D

Let’s see how we will do.

And here, thanks to one of the members of CSI Legio Photos VII- J@lvo, you can see our nice photo walk group:)


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