Ziolowy Zakatek Photo Contest vol.2

Once again I am coming back to one of the Polish blogs. This time, you can take part in the contest called: “Herbs, plants and spices while waiting for the spring”. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? This time you can win a book- The history of the taste by Brian Bruce. Lets see how much luck we will have!

More about contest (in Polish) you can find here.

Bunch of updates!

Hello! It took us a while to come back here, but we weren’t lazy:) We have small surprise!

Soon in Cafe “Varsovia” in Leon, 2 of Jesus pictures will be shown at exhibition of Legio Photo VII group! I should not say more details now, but everything looks professional!

You can also follow our progress in “52 project of 2013” at our blog. We agreed to take at least one picture, which can be publish here, during every week of 2013.

Santa Claus also brought us small items:) Now our cameras will be save and dry during exploration of Nature. We are very happy with bag and  backpack from Crumpler. Definitely worthy to invest! And we got also our first semi professional reflector (white, black, silver and gold). It is quite big and giving a lot of fun:) THANK YOU SANTA CLAUS!

What’s more? Is there more? Of course there is!

On 2nd of February (if the weather will be enough good) we will have one day workshop about Landscape Photography, so lets hope for the best.

And at the end, you can take a fast look at some of ours every week homework from Legio Photo VII Association. Enjoy! And hope to see you soon!


New Year and new plans!

Since some time, we were thinking about “long distance” projects. Or maybe not projects, I would say that challenges is better word.
The problem might be in long time period of those, for example 365 days, where you are suppose to take at least one picture per day. You can use some internet pages and applications to store and organise them. But anyway is a lot of work and it might be difficult. Many photographers who did this exercise, recommend to start with 1 week for example.

We like the most other option of “1 year challenge”- 1 picture per week. This will give us 52 pictures per year and hopefully won’t make us too bored or tired. Lets see if we can do this! How can we mobilise ourselves and practice more photography!

Anyone else want to join?

More information you can find here. (Thanks to Cebolledo from Legio Photos)