New Year and new plans!

New Year and new plans!

Since some time, we were thinking about «long distance» projects. Or maybe not projects, I would say that challenges is better word.
The problem might be in long time period of those, for example 365 days, where you are suppose to take at least one picture per day. You can use some internet pages and applications to store and organise them. But anyway is a lot of work and it might be difficult. Many photographers who did this exercise, recommend to start with 1 week for example.

We like the most other option of «1 year challenge»- 1 picture per week. This will give us 52 pictures per year and hopefully won’t make us too bored or tired. Lets see if we can do this! How can we mobilise ourselves and practice more photography!

Anyone else want to join?

More information you can find here. (Thanks to Cebolledo from Legio Photos)


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