Landscape photography with Legio VII

Landscape photography with Legio VII

Yesterday finally we made it to Riano. Two weeks ago weather decided that we won’t go. This time, everything was perfect- the weather, the place, all landscapes which we could see and very nice, inspiring company. In fact it was almost like in the spring time- some flowers, butterflies and a lot of sun and fun.

For both of us it was first time in Riano area. It was definitely worthy to go! Also it was our first «only-landcape-photography» excursion. We took some nice shots, and we definitely will keep exploring this area.

During stops for taking pictures we met (or they met us) two very friendly dogs. They were very dirty but also very nice. We tried also tasty tortilla:)

And here you can see our «Legio Photo Group» taken by Luis Diez

We are looking forward for next photo excursions and our future visits at Riano’s area!

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