(Un)Succesfull Photography Excursion

(Un)Succesfull Photography Excursion

In the area of Castilla y Leon, you can see many artificial lakes. They were done to provide enough water for agriculture during whole year. But to create them, the dams were built. In this way on the one side of the concrete wall water level is easy to control, but on the other side of the wall…


Many of bigger and smaller villages had been flooded. Houses, churches, streets and fields became bottom of artificial lake. Even nowadays talking with people you can hear many sad and dramatic stories of those who didn’t want to leave houses of their families. But well, the thing was done. After this, ghost stories came to live. It is said that if the water is calm, you can hear church’s bells ringing. When the water level is low, you can also see towers of higher buildings.

Having all this in our minds, invited by friends we went to Utrero. One of the abandoned villages, which is still above the water level. The trip was suppose to be nice and easy walk of around 20 minutes. Well… things didn’t go as we planned. The weather was bad- full of dark heavy clouds and rain. The road could be a big mud bath as well as the village and all other «short cuts».


Hopefully the storm didn’t catch us on the way, but hearing the thunder sounding in the mountains made us a bit nervous. Wet, very dirty and tired we completed our excursion. Unfortunately, conditions weren’t enough good to take pictures. But we will coma back to Utrero. It is definitely worthy!


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