Old City Walls- Legio Photo Walk

We got nice spring weather during our photography walk. Maybe it wasn’t the best for taking pictures, but for nice walk it was perfect. Also we could hear some interesting information about old walls. Many of them were new to us.

I think the best thing that we got from this walk, was new point of view of the walls. We had to look closer at the walls, see things more calmly and more precise.  And because of this we could see things that usually are hidden.



Workshops and updates

As usually many things around us are happening. Recently we took part in small Photoshop workshops. We could learn about basic things like layers and masks. We also could see different types of selection and how to use them. We hope that this will help us to improve our pictures:)

This weekend we will also participate in Photo- Walk with Legio VII group.

Apart of all those things we are working with every week tasks and with “52” project. Sometimes is more difficult as we thought, but we are not going to give up Coinstar money order so easily!

Collective exposicion is moving forward!

Our Legio VII Group exhibition is now at University of Leon (department of education). Please feel free to visit! We have there 4 pictures:)

It is going to be there during April and May. You can see it from Monday till Friday from 8 am to 9 pm. And the address: Campus de Vegazana (the street name), s/n Leon