Abandoned places I

As in Fotoaurinko we are many, we have many , quite often completly different ideas for photography: macro, nature, portraits, landscape, product and so on.  Today short report on, I would say, less popular type of photography- photography of abandoned places.

Living is Spain is giving us adavntage because there are quite many forgotten, abandoned and ruined places here.  Apart the ones inside the city of León, it is possibile to find many small churches, chapels, filed houses and even castles around the cities. There are even more interesting places- enetrily abandoned villages! There are many reasons for this- creation of dams, lack of work, natural disasters.

We decided to photograph this kind of places. There are many reasons to do this. To see something that in some years may completly dissapear, to see the ´´ghost´´ of the place, to learn something about history and ofc to get this strange feeling while being in such a places.

First opportunity for bringing this idea to life we have got hiking to Utrero. One of the abandoned villages around the artificial lake of Porma (Embalse del Porma) in Castilla y León. Well, the whole construction was made to improve maintenance of water during dry periods. So the dam was built and because of this several villages became ´´underwater world´´. Two other villages lost almost all their fields and areas suitable for agriculture, so it was impossibile to live there. And that´s the story of abandoned villages: Utrero and Camposolillo.

So Utrero was our first aim. Then on Saturday we manage to visit Camposolillo. Here you can see some pictures from both of pur trips. I hope you will enjoy!


Watching the stars and Warsaw’s old city photo walk

Last Saturday, strong Legio VII group went to take some night pictures. We went quite far away from Leon and set our “photo-camp” in one of the parking lots. The place had quite nice silo, which we could compose in our shots. Due to our bad luck, the parking was quite busy- many cars were passing by or stopping, so many of our pictures were hmm… over lighted;) But it was a nice fresh time and we are sure that we will repeat night photography.

And on Sunday in Poland, due to nice weather, Krzysiek had a nice photo walk through Warsaw’s Old city. You can see there many interesting places and persons, so is just a perfect place to to take pictures.

Here you can see short night time lapse made by Jesus. And below some other shots from night and day session:



Photography of small things

Last Sunday we had luck to get out of the city. We went to take some macro pictures with more experienced members of Legio VII. Nice weather, almost no wind and a lot of things to learn. It was also a possibility to see how the others work and discover new sites. It was interesting from botanical side too- we saw orchideas in their natural site. That was something! (In Poland all of them are protected!) We are also sure to go back to those new places:) And ofc we are looking forward to next excursion!