Holiday, Fotoaurinko meetings and upcoming events!

Holiday, Fotoaurinko meetings and upcoming events!

Every year we are doing our best to bring our small family group togheter. This year we already got this opportunity twice and we are still looking for more chances. During these short periods we were enjoying our company while taking pictures, inspirating each others and learning new things. Travel, macro, portrait and landscape photography are main things what we did. Now just couple of days of processing and we should got some nice pictures.


Because our meetings usually take place during holiday, we have double fun with travelling. This year we got our over 6 000 km car trip Spain-Poland-Spain. It was a bit diffcult to take pictures while driving, but surly we got really cool memories and experience.

In Poland we managed to convince our friends (Ala and Gustavo) to be our firsts real models. We did short outdoor session with them. Though the pictures are still waiting for processing, we are already really happy with the shots we got. It was interesting and very productive session. I didn´t know that you can learn so many things during such a short time. It was also interesting for us since not long time ago we took part in ¨exchange photography session¨ as a models. (The session was done by Iulian with the support of Jose and Pedro)


During our stay in Poland we also crossed magic border in our 52 Project of 2013. We already passed the middle of the year and started second half of the project.

From upcoming  events, we will take part in the photography workshop in Cerezales del Condado during August. We already participated in previous editions and we were quite happy about them, so now we are expecting interesting time with professional photographer.

Wish you all great summer!

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