Street Photography in León

Street Photograhy in León!

Yesterday  we participated in two workshops: Street Photogaphy and picture printing for professionals.

During the first one we could try how it is to be “street photographer”. It is a bit tricky kind of photography because of taking pictures of unknown persons, quite often without their knowledge. The main idea of it is to present and documment everyday life, places, people and animals how they are.

The second workshop was about printing our pictures. We learnt how to calibrate our screen, how to prepare pictures for printing, what are the common mistakes in the whole process.. It was very interesting especially for future exposicions.

And the last point of this weeknd was short photowalk across Powazki- the oldest and one of the largest cemeteries in Poland.

And here you can see some pictures from this weekend:

New portraits

New portraits!

Long breaks are not for us. We are always busy with things and new projects. This time we present to you couple of new portraits done during Christmas and short reportage from night event- Light Labirynth which took place yesterday in Warsaw (Wilanow) and was the aim of the Warsaw´s Photography Walks.

Resume and plans

Resume and Plans:

Year 2013 was quite interesting for us (not only from photography point of view;))

January 2013 brought us an exhibition in Leon, small stuff upgrade and couple of small photo contests. We started our first long term project “52- one picture per week”.

In February the newspaper wrote about our Assiociacion, we went for our first landscape workshop and we did first wedding session.

March was a month full of workshops and photowalks.

April was dominated by Spanish Easter celebrations and photowalks.

May started with night and macro photography excursions.

In June we finally got our Legio VII Ids and we finished our collective exhibition.

In July we did our first engagement session and small portrait session.

Almost whole August we spent with “Specialised photography workshop”, photowalks and new course of black and white.

In September we tried ourselves with photo fixing and with night inscects photography.

October started with second model session (with Anna) and some nice landscape and product photography.

In November by surprise we got first winter- mountain- landscape photography session.

And finally in December we did our first familly and children session and we finished the “52” project.

Uff! What a year it was! But don’t you think that we will put ourselves to rest. We have big plans for 2014, some of them more precise, some of them still in our minds trying to get their final form. Maybe some interesting sessions? New challenging projects? More workshops? Who knows what this year will bring for us. We are not afraid of hard work! See You soon with brand new pictures and posts!