Excursión fotográfica a Cabarceno

El domingo pasado fuimos con la Asociación Legio VII Photos al Parque Zoológico de Cabarceno. Es un sitio único, donde los animales tienen bastante libertad en el entorno cantábrico parecido a sus espacios naturales. Durante esta salida practicamos el uso de teleobjetivos pero también pudimos participar en el programa educativo ofertado por el parque. Aunque los animales están más libres en comparación con otros parques zoológicos, siguen estando encerrados y nos dieron mucha pena.

A la vuelta a León, pasamos por varias tormentas, que desde nuestros confortables asientos nos mostraron un espectáculo de lluvia, rayos, nubes y arcoiris.


Aqui podeis ver la foto del grupo hecha por Tocho.

Parque zoologico de Cabarceno




Spring Photography excursion

Last Saturday we were participating in photography excursion to Garfín and Gradefes (near León). It was a first photo excursion with new Legio VII members and some of the “Initiation to the photography Course” participants.

Even thought the weather was difficult (full sun and no clouds) we could take some interesting pictures. Please check them below!








Busy weekend

Last weekend we were really busy: studio session with Anna, photoexcursion with Legio VII and first comercial photo session. Uff…. It was a tiring but also very productive. We could check out how does our new studio work, we visited nice new places (a castle, abandoned village, museum) and we could for the first time take some pictures inside of the real cafe! Soon some pictures will appear in our galleries, stay tuned:)






Marine photography workshop

Marine photography workshop…

It was 4.30 am on Saturday when we got up to get ready for our workshop. We left León at 6 am to reach beaches of Asturias just before the sunrise. The view was stunning and we started to take our pictures. Unfortunately later the weather changed quite rapidly and almost all of us got wet because of the rain and strong wind. During the break of shooting we went for a cup of hot tea to the town of Cudillero (we have to come back there, the town is very nice!). Hopefully after this the weather was nicer for us and we could check out how we should use the filters and how to imrpove our composition. It was a great tiring day!

Please check some of the pictures we took:










And our grup picture by Javi  (http://www.javierdiazbarrera.es/):


Street Photography in León

Street Photograhy in León!

Yesterday  we participated in two workshops: Street Photogaphy and picture printing for professionals.

During the first one we could try how it is to be “street photographer”. It is a bit tricky kind of photography because of taking pictures of unknown persons, quite often without their knowledge. The main idea of it is to present and documment everyday life, places, people and animals how they are.

The second workshop was about printing our pictures. We learnt how to calibrate our screen, how to prepare pictures for printing, what are the common mistakes in the whole process.. It was very interesting especially for future exposicions.

And the last point of this weeknd was short photowalk across Powazki- the oldest and one of the largest cemeteries in Poland.

And here you can see some pictures from this weekend:

Autumn/ winter landscape photography

Last weekend, we took part in Legio Photo excursion. This time we visited Agrovejo. And what can I say, we also got a small surprise. The prime theme of the ecxcursion was autumn landscape with nice streams. But just night before, the first snow came to the mountains. We had just perfect light condition and magic landscapes. Please find some of our shots below.


Night Photography during moths´ testing in Garfin

Last Saturday we were participating in great event- night butterflies´testing. We could accompany biologists during their research. The main idea of the event was to set a light trap and make some kind of inventory of species we could see. For us it was a chance to try night macro photography (yes, it sounds a bit crazy but it is fun!). In a very synpathic group with small bbq we spent couple of hours there. Lets hope that soon there will be more events like this!



Abandoned places I

As in Fotoaurinko we are many, we have many , quite often completly different ideas for photography: macro, nature, portraits, landscape, product and so on.  Today short report on, I would say, less popular type of photography- photography of abandoned places.

Living is Spain is giving us adavntage because there are quite many forgotten, abandoned and ruined places here.  Apart the ones inside the city of León, it is possibile to find many small churches, chapels, filed houses and even castles around the cities. There are even more interesting places- enetrily abandoned villages! There are many reasons for this- creation of dams, lack of work, natural disasters.

We decided to photograph this kind of places. There are many reasons to do this. To see something that in some years may completly dissapear, to see the ´´ghost´´ of the place, to learn something about history and ofc to get this strange feeling while being in such a places.

First opportunity for bringing this idea to life we have got hiking to Utrero. One of the abandoned villages around the artificial lake of Porma (Embalse del Porma) in Castilla y León. Well, the whole construction was made to improve maintenance of water during dry periods. So the dam was built and because of this several villages became ´´underwater world´´. Two other villages lost almost all their fields and areas suitable for agriculture, so it was impossibile to live there. And that´s the story of abandoned villages: Utrero and Camposolillo.

So Utrero was our first aim. Then on Saturday we manage to visit Camposolillo. Here you can see some pictures from both of pur trips. I hope you will enjoy!