Place is very nice and located in beautiful landscape, what is making wildlife observation even more fascinating.
We were really lucky and we saw 6 wolverines! Not so many birds as expected, but our main goal were wolverines. After whole sleepless night in one of three hideouts (hot and full of mosquitos), it is a good feeling to have some pictures of this interesting animals.
You can see them here.
Most of them were taken with Nikkor 70-200 f2,8 borrowed by friends. Setting the tripod was a bit challenging, but even for this you can find the solution. During summer time, the darkness is not a problem, since days are really long. Nonetheless higher ISO possibilities might be useful.

About Erä-eero:
There are 3 professional hideouts (one with higher standard). It is possible to visit them during winter during the days and in the summer for the nights. Erä-eero is described as one of bests, if not the best, places for observing wolverines. If you are looking natural habitats, where you want to see them, Erä-eero is perfect. Link for their page you can find in previous post.

Wildlife hunting

As a member of Joensuu Multicultural Photography Club, Fotoaurinko will participate in wildlife photography excursion.
Unfortunately our only lens suitable for this, left at home in Spain. Thanks to friends, we got good equipment!
Camera ready, small snacks ready, “no smell to not scare animals” ready!
Let’s see if wolverine, wolf or bear will be nice creatures and will reward whole night staying in the secret “watch-place”
May the luck be with us!


Lapland resume

It was really nice trip. And quite cheap;)

Weather not bad, hotel quite ok and the views amazing.

We saw reindeer, husky, real Santa and the Arctic Circle. On the way back, we decided to change the plans a bit, so we were able to visit 2 National Parks: Koli and Patvinsuo. And ofc we took thousands of pictures. You can see them here in our brand new Flickr gallery. Enjoy!

Joensuu Muticultural Photography Group

Finally we got opportunity to take some actions in the photography field, here in Joensuu. Thanks to Alain and JoMoni organization, we could meet other photo enthusiasts and plan some activities. Today was our first meeting. Finger crossed!

Plans are nice: exhibitions, workshops, visitors, excursions and many others. Lets expect the best!

Polskie tulipany dla Japonii

We are happy to say, that Fotoaurinko has also small input to the polish help for Japan. Exhibition and auction of pictures took place on 15 of April in Olsztyn’s “Stary Zau?ek”. All money collected during this event were donated as a help for Japan.

We are happy that we could help!

Here you can find more about the event.