Vatakka’s Exhibition- Our first exhibition

We are happy to announce our first exhibition! We got the possibility to participate in group exhibition after our “Empowering photography workshop”.

This exhibition presents pictures taken during this workshop and for its purpose. It will be a part of Vatakka (Multicultural Center) birthdays and will stay there for some time.

Thank You all and ofc thank you Katinka!


Empowering Photography workshop

Thanks to Katinka an Vatakka we are attending short workshop about empowering photography.
More about this method you can find here: The loveliest girl in the world in ´empowering photography´ part. If you have a possibility, make yourself familiar also with the book, or visit any exhibition. Picture are really impressive.

During workshop we had short lecture about the method and we tried to do something simplified. Lets see what result we will get!